One insurance

Just starting fresh as an UX senior designer on ONE insurance, wish me luck


Reddit redesign

Reddit case study

I redesigned the reddit app on my spare time, cuz why not?


Started teaching

A postgraduate course in Web Design at the Gentis foundation.


Kernel Analytics

I used to work as an UX designer in this consulting firm specializing in the application of advanced analytical models. Very neat projects in one of the fastest growing tech company in europe.


Taffy con Chile

Taffy con Chile case study

I created this css framework to help me build my projects faster.



Nautal App case study

To sum up: this startup is the Airbnb for boats. I’m happy to report that I learned a lot with these guys, and although we were a very small team we brought solutions to multiple websites in six different languages. While working at Nautal, I had the opportunity to collaborate in their main project, and three side projects: one involving personal websites for boat owners, other for high-end boats, and, last but not least, an app for sailing.



Promofarma case study

PromoFarma is a pharmaceutical products marketplace. Here I held the positions of both Front-End Developer and Product Designer.


Pixels 4 Ink

Personal project aimed at getting more ink for my body in exchange of website development.



CuartoCuarta is a studio located at the heart of Barcelona, that specializes in graphic design.
Here I was in charge of developing online projects such as websites, and a couple of printed publications.


LF Channel

It’s an online-marketing company in which I learned a lot about the perks and tricks of online-marketing strategies, such as SEO, Google Analytics, and a bunch of useful stuff.


Master’s in Design and Internet Web Project Direction

Master's Degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.


BoxLab Crew

Back in the day, I was part of this multidisciplinary team in Mexico City. This was the first time I worked directly on websites, banners and all that sweet online stuff.


Centro Multimedia

I ran my internship at the Center of Electronic, Digital and Mechanic Arts of Mexico City, mainly helping with editorial projects.


Graphic Communications Bachelor, UAM-X

Yup! I attended college and used to do homework and all.


Padres MAR Editorial

A long long time ago, in a country far away, I was part of the editorial wing at Padre's MAR (an institution focused on education for fathers and mothers). I focused on creating illustrations and helping edit the books.


My first class of interwebs

My first contact with the developer’s world happened when I was in secondary school. As a teenager, I ran Microsoft Office Publisher to create my first website about Spawn. As far as I remember, it was awesome!


Created my first "book"

Case study "Libro de la vida"

I counted on a lot of spare time, a notebook, not too many friends, and rather little access to The Simpsons.


Started drawing and painting

In the beginning, everything was chaos.


I was born

I was born and did a lot of crying almost every day for the next couple of years.