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Juandiego Calero web design

It take 10 seconds to know if you are interested on a web site, so i will be brief.

But if you want to get down to business

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Who am i?

I am a graphic artist and Front-End Developer, I love the internet, and you could say I had a very prolific career as stand-up comedian from 8 to 11 years.

Born in Mexico but now i live in Barcelona. +


Nautal favicon

Currently i am working at

It is like a Airbnb for boats and i am in charge of the front-end of the site

Also i created the design for the app and vip.nautal

PromoFarma favicon

I used to work at

Also i was in charge of the front-end and the design

You can check out also the design that i started for their ecommerce app

Personal project

This is a current project i am working in Pixels4Ink

Exchange pixels on your website for ink in my body

Pura Variedad
Personal project

This is my personal blog

It is build on a custom wordpress theme by moi

Pura Historia
Personal project

My youtube channel Historia y La pura Variedad

My youtube channel where i talk about history of Latin America

How are the websites that i build?


Designed with your business objectives and optimized to be found on google, bing, yahoo and other search engines.


Created to provide an exciting and M I N D B E N D I N G user experience (perhaps i am exaggerating).

It looks great everywhere