map of America

Map of America 1490

The sources for this map

  • American Etnology Walter Krickeberg
  • Pasado indígena Alfredo López Austin
  • Of course fricking Wikipedia

Preliminary clarifications

This map is for new youtube channel i am creating about the history of Latin America, and specifically to give a quick glimpse of what was the continent before the arrival of Europeans

Why I included these cultures and not others?

For two reasons

1. Are the cultures that help me tell the story of Latin America
2. It's easier to group or highlight

Do you think I missed any?

Please let me know in the comments

I made a mistake in a name or location?

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Extra note i am not a native english speaker and this youtube channel is intended to be for spanish speking audiences, buuut if you are interested on any sort of translation of this content please let me know (we are looking at you brazilians (portuguese), americans (english), canadians (also english and french)). here is the same stuff but in spansih