Reddit redesign

Let's put faces everywhere


Why do you redesign reddit?

I hated reddit previous interface and i been working on this new redesign thingy for quite a bit and now reddit have a new redesign and is sweet so, i think this project would be great if i had published it a year a go.

Where is the alien?


Why faces is a big deal?

So, reddit is driven by content and i get it is a good thing, but sometimes content can get a little bit toxic if noone is held responsible for their opinions and mean or racist threads. Maybe giving avatars a more highlighted spot can sparkle a bit more of humanity on the people that upload their content to the platform.

What kind of monster uses the official font and icons of android and place it on a IOS app?

Yes i know,i am a monster

What is new?

Home page

Post page

r/ page

User page


1. The logo
2. User avatars
3. Bottom menu

Posting, step 1
Select subreddit

Posting, step 2
Select type

Posting, step 3
Write the thing

Main branding


Roboto by Christian Robertson

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